Why Pattern Approved
Irrigation Water Meters Matter in Australia

Every state in Australia except the NT and WA is subject to the Murray-Darling Basic Compliance Compact of 2012 (MDBCC), which was created to aid long-term sustainability for use of the MDB’s water resources.The rules and regulations laid out in this agreement, including the use of pattern approved water meters,are important to follow as the MDB is responsible for irrigating a large portion of Australia’s agriculture. The MDB provides water to over 2 million people who live in and around the area, so an essential part of maintaining the MDB’s sustainability is supplying everyone with pattern approved irrigation meters.

Key Features of the AquaMaster 4 – One of Australia’s Top Pattern Approved Water Meters

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The AquaMaster4 has a number of key features that set it apart from other products on the market:

  • The most complete pattern approved metering solution available today
  • NMI10 compliance in accordance with the Australian Pattern Approval Standards for non-urban water meters, with zero – zero installation for tight locations
  • Integral display with on-board, user accessible datalogger, no cabling or power supply
  • Size range 40mm-300mm
  • 5 + year battery life, exceeds re-validation period
  • In-situ verification with certificate

Data Sheet

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Download our data sheet PDF for more detailed information on this innovative product.


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You can see the range of certifications held by the ABB – AquaMaster4 by downloading this PDF.

Get your pattern approved irrigation meters today

Contact MV Controls for high-quality pattern approved water meters for non-urban use in Australia’s NSW and South Western Queensland regions. We have years of experience and guarantee a tailored service to meet your needs. Our ABB – AquaMaster4 irrigation meters are pattern approved for installation within the NSW, non-urban metering framework, and it is MDBA compliant.

We’re proud to have established an excellent reputation among our many clients across the region.Call now on 0427 356 598 or contact us online to find out more and we’ll deliver expert advice and guidance to help you find the right pattern approved irrigation meters for your non-urban water management solutions.

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