Variable Speed Drives for Pump Control
in NSW and Across Australia

MV Controls supplies a range of ABB variable speed drives which are ideally suited for submersible and turbine pumps, providing pressure control for pivot or lateral irrigators. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of water irrigation meters, we have years of experience working with landowners, farmers and local country councils across NSW to deliver increased efficiency and regulatory compliance with our superior variable speed drives, range of products and expertise.

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The features of variable speed drives

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Heavily regarded as one of the best methods for controlling motor speed in response to varying process demands, variable speed drives are efficient and reliable.

The ABB – ACS580 variable speed drive has a number of unique features that set it apart from the competition, these key features include:

  • Wide power range commonly to 500kW
  • Ultra-low harmonic options to IEEE 519 THDI <3%
  • IP21 and IP55 option for wall mounting outside of switchboards
  • Easy to install and configure using macros
  • Intuitive keypad for easy operation, with on-board configuration back-up

Data Sheet

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Download our data sheet PDF for more detailed information about the ABB – ACS580.

To learn more about our adjustable speed drives, call 0427 356 598

Want to know more about the variable speed drives we have for sale in Australia?

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MV Controls are trusted and respected in NSW and we are renowned as one of the top choices of suppliers in irrigation water meters in Australia. Therefore to learn more about the variable speed drives we have for sale from our experienced and qualitied team, please call 0427 356 598 or send us an email at We look forwarding to hearing from you and working with you to meet your needs.

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